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We offer you a powerfull end-to-end customer interaction solutions :

  • To drive traffic to your applications and websites and unlock new revenue potential.
  • To boost your audience engagement and loyalty by providing them with a unique and enjoyable mobile experience.
  • To drive purchase conversions and boost your ROI.

We bring to you 10-years experience in managing all kind of mobile communication channels (text and multimedia messaging, push notification, payment…) to help you monetize your mobile strategy, optimize your media investment and grow your digital business.

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Mobile payment solutions

Billing mechanisms optimization is the key to higher conversion rates and performance. Such a critical point of the digital value chain must be the number one priority of every successful mobile marketing strategy.

To this, we provide you with range of methods for charging mobile contents and digital services, all of them aiming at making the checkout process as simple as possible for the end-users. By making the payment process easier, you’ll be able to reduce dramatically cart abandonment resulting in enhanced conversion-rates and revenues.


Premium rate number

Premium rate numbers are used as a micro-payment solution for audio-services. You take payment for the services you provide directly from the call without having to bill the end-user. This solution is particularly recommended for value-added services such as :

  • Hotline ;
  • Directory enquiries (Yellow pages) ;
  • Weather forecast ;
  • Competitions and voting ;
  • Virtual chatline and other entertainment service...

We supply international premium rate numbers from over destinations, along with a smart and effective IVR system.

Premium rate SMS

This is a secure and simple way of doing mobile transactions : end-users send a text message to a short-code and are charged a premium-rate SMS amount directly on their mobile phone bill. In that way, they don’t have to face the usual payment obstacles : No time-consuming registration steps, no personal data or credit card details to provide.

Direct operator billing

Carrier billing is the top-level user-friendly payment method. Besides allowing the user to be charged directly on his mobile phone bill, it enables him to experiment the true one-click mobile buying : he only has to approve the payment and the purchase is simply charged to his account. This makes payment processing smooth, easy, and safe for your customers.

Call Center

Create your own scalable and cost-effective Call Center to manage all kind of pre and post-sales communications : Leads generation and commercial prospection, customer are, enquieries and assistance, live-chat and moderation services...

We provide you with multi-skilled and multilingual agents, specifically selected amoung our available staff to fit your specific needs. Your dedicated call-operators team will handle inbound and outbound calls, emails, instant messaging, and SMS communications according to your technical and commercial specifications, working in strict accordance with your operating instructions.

We can cooperate in project mode or as an integrated service, via API to meet any requirements you may have.


Customer support

Provide your potential customers and your end-users with a high-standard customer service and achieve the highest level of satisfaction from your audience :

  • 24/7 availability ;
  • Excellent response time, response accuracy and call handling ;
  • Scalable and flexible staff ;
  • Experienced and specifically-trained agents ;
  • Multilingual and multiple-skills staff ;
  • Personalized service quality metrics and reporting.

Live chat & Moderation

You can extend your customer care solutions package by implementing Instant Messaging Support on your mobile website. You’ll improve even further the purchase experience and you’ll keep your customers fully engaged during the entire buying process by answering instantly to their sales inquiries and support requests.

Outbound call

We offer personalized outbound Call Center Service to help you promote your business, drive engagement from your audience and increase purchase conversions.

We provide :

  • Sales lead generation services ;
  • Customer services ;
  • Technical support.

We identify your specific requirements. We provide you with our expertise to help you build a communication strategy. We finally tailor the practical details of the voice campaign to suit the needs and objectives we previously defined together : Scripts, target-figures, reportings system...


We offer marketers our technology and expertise to enable them to execute winning campaigns, that drive significant traffic and revenue growth on their digital services and products.

Bulk SMS

Get closer to your audience by integrating text messaging into your everyday customer relationship management. Set up large-scale SMS campaigns from our mobile platform. We provide you with SMS connectivity with over 700 carriers around the world.

Bulk MMS

Provide your customers with a fun and interactive experience by incorporating multimedia contents into your mobile campaigns : Pictures, audio, video and up to 2000 text characters.

(Available on the french market only)

Voice Push

Adopt a more personal approach of communicating with your audience by delivering pre-recorded voice messages directly to their mailboxes.


About us

Established in Montpellier, south of France, Mobyquest initially specialized in mobile technologies as a provider of integrated mobile solutions. We have pioneered the development of MMS applications.

Based on our success, we continued to build our expertise and continually enhanced our services and solutions panel, until becoming established and renowned expert within the mobile marketing industry. We are now directly connected to multiple operators and are operating in 10 countries worldwide.

Sense of partnership and cohesion are at the core of our corporate policy and are guaranteed by our highly-motivated and efficient team, who works hand-in-hand with each of our partners around a single purpose : Achieving success. We are enthusiastics to build strong, close and long-term relationships with our clients. It’s in this spirit that we engage with them, join efforts, share ideas and knowledge to implement successful mobile marketing strategies, create new opportunities, drive significant revenues and promote their business.

Our strengths

Over 10 years experience



Rigorous quality control standards

24/7/365 technical support

+200 operators available

Bilingual French English customer service

Optical fiber



Join us

We seek talented, passionate and innovative people, willing to help us continue to innovate and maintain our high standard of quality service.

Teamwork and close relationships between the different levels of management are the heart of our human management policy.

We offer exciting opportunities that will challenge your abilities, expand your skills and reward your contributions in a fun and collaborative atmosphere.

Are you ready to take the challenge ? If so, we encourage you to apply and join your knowledge and skills to those of our young, dynamic and fast-growing team.

Please send your curriculum via contact{at}mobyquest.com.

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